Spring is in the Hair – Hairstyles for 2012

hairstyles for spring 2012With the first day of spring upon us, it’s time to look at what’s on trend for this season when it comes to hairstyles. Spring is typically the time to shake off those dull winter looks and brighten things up a bit. To this end, let’s discuss the looks that are popular this season:

The major trends this 2012 season feature soft textures and loose styling. In addition, there seems to be resurgence in the popularity of braided styling – again focusing on looseness in the braids. Along with looseness there is a propensity for volume in the looks, specifically in the crown area.

The essence of these looks is one best described as “dirty hair”. While, of course, not specifically dirty, the looks feature a texture that usually comes about as a result of a day or two’s passage between shampooing. Getting this look without having to wait a day or two between shampoos simply involves using a product that will mimic the accumulation of soil on the hair, For instance, a light misting of hairspray or an application of a styling paste or wax worked evenly through the hair.

You need something that allows the hair to have some grab or hold so that the loose collections can have some friction and create a defined style with greater ease.

With the soft textures, specifically in shorter styles, the finishing of the cuts typically involves razor tools used to soften the ends of the hair, or point cutting techniques where the shears are held parallel to the hair so that the shears are directed into the ends of the hair straight on. This method allows the cutting line of a hairstyle to be softened and diffused without sacrificing length. The angle of the shears can be adjusted to remove more of less hair from the ends.

The technique is especially effective on dense, coarse hair types that want to create smoothly tapering hairstyles that follow the contours of the neck and head. This type of effect can make the difference between a simple cut and one that cultivates a truly polished appearance.

So, as you contemplate your new Spring look, consider these trends and incorporate these techniques in your new style. Doing so, you can ensure that you’ll have a smart, trendy hairstyle.