Cutting Your Winter Hair

As winter comes to an end, and we anticipate the advent of spring, we think of all those things that come with the warmer weather: spring cleaning, planting gardens, and little tasks of bi-annual maintenance. But it’s also a great time to consider scheduling a good trim to get rid of any damage caused by the harsh winter conditions.

girl, ready to cut her winter hair off

Of course, you don’t have to cut the hair just for the sake of cutting it. Pay a visit to your stylist and talk about your long term goals for your hair and get an objective assessment of your hair’s condition. Together you can plan out how much hair should be cut to give you a healthy base.

You may be dealing with an ombre effect as a result of lightening that occurred the previous year and grew out over the winter (which you may or may not want to adjust with haircolor). Or it may simply be that your hair has become ragged due to the constant exposure to the warm indoors and cold outdoors during the winter (and the constant dissipation of moisture due to the repeated shifting).

Another great reason for the end-of-winter haircut is that spring offers the perfect time to do something to help you break out of the winter doldrums. You don’t have to commit to anything dramatic, but if you make it a point to get a good hair trim and alter your hairstyle at least a little each spring, you can avoid the habit many women fall into of getting stuck in a hairdo rut.

You’ve seen them; those ladies who have worn their hair the same way for years and years for no other reason than they are used to it. All it takes is to get complacent and forget that like styles in clothing, hair fashion is constantly evolving. While the basic cuts follow cycles, the finishing techniques and little touches (not to mention products) are constantly evolving.

Whatever your reasoning, a good springtime trim is the least you can do for yourself to ensure that your hair looks its best in the coming warmer weather. Your hair will be healthier and when combined with a good conditioning routine and a reevaluation of your styling techniques, you can keep yourself on the road to healthy-looking hair.

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