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85th Annual Academy Awards Hairstyles Review

Posted March 3, 2013 By Chris

The 85th Annual Academy Awards is always a hit with fans because it is a chance to watch their favorite celebrities and see the stars dressed to impress. This year was no exception and in reviewing the looks that were worn by the majority of the stars, they can easily be broken down into three main categories: Long, flowing styles; Loose, low-slung up-styles; and Short or Gamine Styles. Let’s start with the long, flowing looks.

Long, Flowing Tresses:

The long hairstyles present on the red carpet this year seemed inspired by old-Hollywood glamour days and the carefully-crafted smooth looks worn by starlets like Veronica Lake. The styles, though long and free-moving, were smooth, and looked carefully controlled. Most notable for their Old-Hollywood inspiration were the styles worn by Jessica Chastain and Helen Hunt. Jennifer Hudson, also sported her long locks in a clean, sleek style, but the overall look appeared more contemporary with the sharp lines of the fringe and glossy finish.

Jessica Chastain hairstyle   Helen Hunt hairstyle   Jennifer Hudon hairstyle

Loose, Low-slung Up-styles:

As with any mention of a formal Hollywood occasion, there were a number of up-styles worn. What made this year’s up-styles significant was their consistency in being loosely gathered and slung low on the crown and nape areas of the head. These up-styles looked elegant, but not nearly as fussy and stiff as the up-styles from yesteryear. Stars like Amy Adams and Jennifer Garner wore their up-styles augmented with loose tendrils to frame their faces, creating softness with the elegant looks. Jennifer Lawrence – by contrast – also wore her hair in a low-slung up-style, but her overall look was more-tightly confined and the backward swept locks were defined by fingermarks in the styling effort.

Amy Adams hairstyle   Jennifer Garner hairstyles   Jennifer Lawrence hairstyle

Gamine, Short Hairstyles:

Some stars favor short hair all the time, while others change their hair frequently for many reasons. (Anne Hathaway actually sacrificed her previously long tresses in filming “Les Miserables” in which her character sells her hair to a wigmaker to support her child.) When this happens they generally appear at awards shows with their short hair styled in glamorous ways as befits their personalities. And let me tell you, rarely does a star dare to walk a red carpet with short hair without looking striking. Halle Berry is a star who has often sported gamine looks and always draws favorable attention. Charlize Theron, too, seems incapable of looking anything but amazing, no matter how short her hair becomes. And the aforementioned Anne Hathaway looked striking in a pixie-cut with an ear-length weight line and side part, since her hair has grown in beautifully after her cutting it for her film.

Anne Hathaway hairstyle   Charlize Theron Hairstyle   Halle Berry hairstyle