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Make-Up Colors for Green Eyes

Posted April 11, 2012 By Stacy

make-up model with green eyesIt is widely accepted that green eyes are the least-common eye color and as such are often the cause of envy (making the term “green-eyed monster” rather ironic as a euphemism for jealousy – it’s the green-eyed person of whom others are more-often jealous). Consequently, those who have green eyes want to make sure they display them to best advantage. To help you do that, here are some ideas for making the most of your green-eyed looks based on other traits you may have.

The choices of eye make-up to embellish your green eyes generally fall into two modes of thought: complementary colors or reflective colors. Complementary color choices involve taking the color that is opposite green on the color wheel and using it to make the green shade of your eye color appear bolder. The color that complements greed is RED, of course. You can apply reddish tones of eye shadow above and below the lid to make the green of your iris pop by contrast. This is often a good tactic if your hair is blonde or brunette and your eyes are green. For evening wear, look for a coppery-finish in eye shadow in place of a more matte color.

If your green eyes are accompanied by red hair (whether strawberry blonde, titian red or rich auburn) you might consider reflecting the green of your eye color in the eye make-up. Select a shade of green that is slightly altered from the actual shade of your eyes and use a diffused line of the color above and below the eye, edging the lids. The reflective technique is also great for bringing out the green in hazel colored eyes (which are generally a blend of pale brown and dark green tones). For evening looks, use a jewel-tone shade of green with an iridescent finish to add shimmer.

These two techniques don’t have to be limited to the color pairings listed above. Sometimes a red-haired woman with green eyes may want to make her eye color pop by using a complementary color, or one who is blonde may like to enhance the green of her eyes with a reflective shade. The thing to remember is to keep the make-up choice appropriate to the skin tone as well as the hair and eyes. Dark coppery tones on pale, milky skin would look just as out of place as a sea-foam green against an olive complexion.

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