Asymmetrical Hairstyles and Age

This video proves it again, there’s no age limit on asymmetrical haircuts. Asymmetrical hairstyles are not just for young people, older women can look stunning and fashionable with an asymmetrical cut too!

Asymmetrical hairstyles are in fact two looks for the price of one. The fun part is the surprise effect. Look at the lady in the video. First you think that her ears are covered by hair and then when you see her other ear, it is partly bare. If you want to draw attraction, then this is your perfect haircut!

The asymmetrical look sported by the older lady in the video is very trendy, but perfectly acceptable for professional environments and as a business look.  Take note of how she finishes off the look with trendy glasses, matching necklace and earrings and a blouse with upturned collar. Actually, the upturned collar draws attention to the nicely graduated back of the haircut.

Is this look for you? If you don’t worry too much about hair length, then it might be. If it turns out right, then you might discover a whole new look for yourself and really make a statement with your hair. What if it goes wrong? Well, then you still have the option of getting your hair cut into a fashionable pixie.

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